spa-Fontana del Papa

Thermal Spa

 Investment partnership

Thanks to the lucky position of Fontana del Papa so close to Rome and the port of Civitavecchia, I had some proposition for the other part of my property ...but I'm looking for better and to choose anyway and because we always want to give the best to our guests! So looking for investors who wants to realize the thermal SPA of Bagnarello. 
Someone with a good vision of business 


Seventeenth century farmhouse on 12 hectares of land that includes 4 hectares of an ancient olive grove with a rare cultivar and dates back to the 17th century. There are also thermal waters and a spring. The land is located in the Tolfa mountains, along the provincial road that connects Tolfa with the via Aurelia near Santa Severa.

The rural house  has been completely renovated with bases of Roman origin. The original home was expanded in 1600 and there is a possibility of creating another house, approximately 130m2, adjacent to the current house. Also on the property there is a water source for the farm, a swimming pools made of local stone and a planned wellness area.

The land is currently used for agricultural purposes however, in 2001, it became a residential tourist location with the obvious intent of creating a thermal area due to its strategic location only 45 minutes from the Leonardo Da Vinci International Airport and 20 minutes away from the cruise ship port in Civitaveccia.

Based on estimates by an expert geologist, an investment of between one and a half million to three million euros would be needed in order to construct an average to luxury standard thermal spa location. The thermal structure would insist on an allodial land surrounded by a large area burdened by civic use which, preserving its original destination, prevented buildings and alienations. Non-existent then civil constructions but only rural landscape, typical of the Tolfa Mountains, and rare animals within a radius of 20 km, up to the sea which is a quarter of an hour drive away.

The land that are intended to be subject of the negotiation are not burdened by civic uses. The catchment area of the metropolis of Rome would ensure a constant and substantial flow thus cretating a profitable and economic investment of significance.